Descendants of Thomas Blunden (c1760-1850) of Burnham, Essex

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The individuals included here are:

  1. Thomas Blunden (c1760-1850)
  2. Thomas Blunden (bp 1792)
  3. Adam Robjent Blunden (b. 1793)
  4. Richard Blunden (bp 1797)
  5. James Blunden (b. 1806)
  6. William Blunden (b. 1825)
  7. Thomas Blunden (b. 1828)
  8. Mary Ann Blunden (b. 1830), m. Henry Edward Pistor
  9. John Blunden (b. 1834)
  10. James Blunden (b. 1836)
  11. Elizabeth Blunden (b. 1838), m. John George Ellis
  12. Albert Robjent Blunden (b. 1841)
  13. Samuel Blunden (b. 1843)
  14. Henry Blunden (bp 1819)
  15. Charles Blunden (b. 1832)
  16. Susannah Blunden (b. 1824), m. Thomas Cannell
  17. James Blunden (b. 1827)
  18. Susannah Blunden (b. 1832), m. Thomas Wildish
  19. Henry James Blunden (b. 1844)
  20. George Richard Blunden (b. 1862)
  21. Russell Edward Blunden (b. 1871)
  22. Henry William Blunden (b. 1847)
  23. Sarah Blunden (b. abt 1853), m. Thomas Theodore Townsend
  24. Clement Theodore Blunden (b. 1856)
  25. George Walter Blunden (b. abt 1862)
  26. Joseph Henry Blunden (b. 1853)
  27. John Blunden (b. 1850)
  28. Naomi Blunden (b. 1853), m. John William Clarke
  29. Emily Jane Blunden (b. 1866), m. Albert Benjamin Pudney
  30. Joseph Blunden (b. 1879)
  31. William James Blunden (b. 1875)

by William Utermohlen

The Blunden family has been in Burnham at least since 1792. This genealogy summarizes those persons in the first four generations that have been traced, plus their children, where known. Where possible, lines have been traced as they moved away from Burnham.

In a list of children, an arabic number indicates the sketch number of those children who are carried forward. BPR refers to the Burnham Parish Register transcripts by Kenneth Elphinstone at the Society of Genealogists. Some unplaced Burnham Blundens are noted after the sketches.

The core of this account is taken from notes made on 7 July 1990 at the Society of Genealogists in London from review of typescript copies of the parish registers for Burnham prepared by Kenneth V. Elphinstone in 1930. The typescripts consist of 20 unindexed original volumes of records. A complete review of the records was not done. Baptisms were reviewed for the period 1765-1849; marriages for 1710-1870 (there appears to be a gap from 1754-1775); and burials from 1780 to 13 January 1871. Citation herein to Burnham Parish Records (BPR) is to this series of typescripts, by Register number and page.

1. Thomas1 Blunden, age 89, was buried on 16 February 1850 at Burnham-on-Crouch, in Essex, England, indicating he was born about 1760 [BPR IX:221]. The 1841 census indicates he was born in Essex. He married Susannah Robjent at Ulting, Essex, 30 September 1790. Susan was a daughter of Adam Robjent and Martha Looker. Susannah Blunden, age 68, died on 19 December 1832, meaning she was born about 1764 [BPR IX:201].

Thomas and Susan had had an illegitimate daughter, Mary Robjen, at Bradwell on Sea in February 1790. While the mother of son Thomas Blunden, born in Blunden on 5 August 1792, was apparently recorded as Sarah (only a transcript of the record has been consulted), this seems clearly to have been an error, given the marriage record above and that later births were all recorded as having been by Susannah.

The 1841 census for Burnham (p. 42) lists Thomas Blunden, age 84, a seedsman, together with James Blunden, 36, also a seedsman; Hannah Blunden, age 29; Susannah Blunden, age 8; and Mary Goodwin, age 18, "F.S.” (probably female servant). All were born in the county of Essex. [FHL Film No. 241366]. There was then an Agricultural Laboratory at Burnham that employed quite a few people and it is possible that the occupation "seedsman” was related to that institution.

Thanks are due to Zoë Bridges for supplying the marriage of Thomas Blunden and Susan Robjent, as well as information on the Robjent ancestry. An interesting website concerning Burnham can be found at


          i.    Mary Robjen2, b. Feb 1790, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

2        ii.    Thomas Blunden, bp 5 Aug 1792, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Elizabeth Rouse

3       iii.    Adam Robgent Blunden, b. 8 May 1793; bp 26 Dec 1796, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Mary ____

         iv.    Samuel Blunden (?), bu 16 Oct 1796, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR II:159]

4        v.    Richard Blunden, b. Aug 1797; bp 15 Oct 1797, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (2 mos); m1 Mary ____; m2 Sarah Yardley

         vi.    Susannah Blunden, b. Apr 1800; bu 18 May 1800, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (3 wks) [BPR IV:165]

        vii.    William Blunden, b. 1801; bp 8 Aug 1802, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (1 yr) [BPR III:136]; bu 30 Mch 1832, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (age 30) [BPR IX:200]

        viii.    Frederic Blunden, b. Jul 1804; bu 24 Jul 1804, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (1wk) [BPR IV:165]

5       ix.    James Blunden, b. 28 Feb 1806; bp 25 Feb 1810, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR III:149]; m1 Hannah ____; m2 Esther Eliza Pudney

         x.    Susannah Blunden, b. 26 Sep 1809; bp 25 Feb 1810, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR III:149]; bu 26 Dec 1820, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (age 11) [BPR IX:189]

2. Thomas2 Blunden (Thomas1) was baptized on 5 August 1792 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR II:120]. Thomas married Elizabeth Rouse on 30 December 1823 at All Saint’s, Creeksea, Essex [Creeksea PR (1937 typescript) III:13]. Elizabeth was born in May 1802 and baptized on 24 October 1802 at Burnham (age 5 months), a daughter of William and Susannah Rouse. She died after the 1881 census, at which time she was living in Tottenham, Middlesex, with her daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth and John George Ellis.

Thomas is described as a gardener in 1825, 1826, 1830, 1832, 1838, and 1841. He is said to have been a seedsman in 1836 and 1843. It was probably either Thomas or his father who was the Thomas Blunden of Burnham listed in the "gardeners and seedsmen” section of an 1839 directory (Pigot & Co. Directory of Essex 1839). He was described as a farmer in the 1849 marriage record of his daughter Mary Ann. The 1841 census for Burnham (p. 8) gives Thomas’s household, on [     ]khouse Lane, as follows [FHL Film No. 241366]:

Thomas Blunden 44 Seedsman [b. Essex]
Elizabeth     " 34     "
Thomas     " 13     "
Mary     " 11     "
Adam     " 9     "
John     " 7     "
James     " 5     "
Elizabeth     " 3     "
Albert     " 6 months     "

They were living in Mundon, Essex in 1851:

Thomas Blunden 59 Seed Grower 16 acres b. Burnham, Essex
Elizabeth     " 49     "
Adam     " 19     "
John     " 17     "
James     " 15     "
Elizabeth     " 12     "
Albert Robt     " 10     "
Samuel     " 8     "


6         i.    William3 Blunden, b. 10 May 1825; bp 12 Jun 1825, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m1 Maria ____; m2 Eliza _____

          ii.    Elizabeth Blunden, b. 3 Oct 1826; bp 12 Nov 1826, Burnham, Essex [BPR XIII:187]; possibly the Elizabeth, age 5, bu 13 Jun 1833, Burnham [BPR IX:202]

7       iii.    Thomas Blunden, b. 13 May 1828; bp 29 Aug 1830, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Frances ____

8       iv.    Mary Ann Blunden, b. 1 Aug 1830; bp 29 Aug 1830, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Henry Edward Pistor

         v.    Adam Blunden, b. 3 Jul 1832; bp 29 Jul 1832, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex     [BPR XIII:199]

9       vi.    John Blunden, b. 16 Sep 1834; bp 30 Oct 1836, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Eliza ______

10    vii.    James Blunden, b. 28 Sep 1836; bp 30 Oct 1836, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Emily _____

11    viii.    Elizabeth Blunden, b. 24 Sep 1838; bp 11 Nov 1838, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. John George Ellis

12     ix.    Albert Robjent Blunden, b. 11 Jan 1841; bp 28 Feb 1841, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Mary A. _____

13      x.    Samuel Blunden, b. 8 May 1843; bp 30 Jul 1843  Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Mary Ann Garner

3. Adam Robgent2 Blunden (Thomas1) was born on 8 May 1793, and baptized on 26 December 1796 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR II:125]. He may have been born closer to the date of his baptism, as his age in later censuses is more consistent with a birth in 1796. He was living in 1861 in Lambeth, Surrey and was probably the Adam Blunden who died in Lambeth between October and December 1865 (FreeBMD). Adam married Mary ____ by 1817. She appears to have been deceased by 1841 and may have been the Mary Ann Blunden who died at Lambeth between July and September 1838 (FreeBMD).

In 1841, Adam, age 45, lived in Martin's Court, York Street, St. Mary's parish, Lambeth, Surrey, with sons Adam and Clement (p. 54). All three were listed as born in the county. In 1851, Adam, age 54 and a widower, born in Burnham, Essex was living with son Charles, age 21 and a carpenter, in Upper Marsh street, Holy Trinity, Lambeth (p. 41).  Adam was a shoemaker in 1841 and 1851. In 1861, Adam was 64, a widower and a lodger in the house of John Robinson at 9 Edward Street, All Saints, Lambeth (p. 42). His occupation was boot maker and his birthplace was Burnham.


          i.    Adam Robjent3 Blunden, b. 26 May 1817, bp 15 Jun 1817, St. Mary, Newington, Surrey; probably the Adam Robjent Blunden who married in Lambeth Apr-Jun 1847 (FreeBMD); poss the Adam Robjent who d. in London, Jul-Sep 1860 (FreeBMD) [IGI; age 21, 1841 cen]

14      ii.    Henry Blunden, bp 24 Jan 1819, St. Mary, Newington, Surrey; m. Sophia ___

         iii.    Clement Theodore Blunden, bp 12 Nov 1823, St. Mary, Newington, Surrey; in 1861, Clement was a carpenter, age 37 (b. Lambeth) and unmarried, living at 21 Russell Square (?), St. Andrew, Lambeth; he was probably the Clement T. Blunden, age 44, who died at Lambeth, Oct-Dec 1866 (FreeBMD) [IGI; age 16, 1841 cen]

15     iv.    Charles Blunden, b. 19 Jul 1832, Newington, Surrey; m. Emma Hamilton

4. Richard2 Blunden (Thomas1) was baptized on 15 October 1797, aged two months, at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR III:129]. He was probably the Richard Blunden, age 85, who died in the Maldon District (which includes Burnham) between July and September 1882 [FreeBMD], although I have not located him in the 1881 census. He married, first, before March 1824, Mary _____. She may have died prior to 1841, as she was not listed with him in the census that year. She may have been the Mary Ann Blunden whose death occurred in the Maldon District between July and September 1839. Richard married, second, on 25 July 1858 at Burnham, Sarah Yardley [BPR XVIII:94]. Sarah was born about 1801, a daughter of Stephen Yardley, labourer, and was buried on 23 August 1868 at Burnham, age 67 [BPR X:242].

The George Blunden and Richard Blunden who died as infants at Burnham in 1821 and 1823, respectively, may have been sons of Richard and Mary.

Richard Blunden’s 1841 household in Burnham (p. 17) consisted of himself, age 40, O Dredger; Susan Blunden, age 15; Sarah Blunden, age 10; and Mary Feast, age 15. All were born in Essex. [FHL Film No. 241366]. In 1851, Richard lived in High Street in the village of Burnham (p. 3), at which time he was a widower, age 53 and born in Burnham, an Oyster Dredger. Living with him was Sarah Yardley, age 50 and born "Rochford Essex,” housekeeper, and Charles Yardley, age 10 and born in Burnham, scholar. [FHL Film No. 207425]. Richard is described as a dredger by in the records of baptism of his children. In 1861, Richard, age 63 and an Oyster Dredger, and Sarah, age 61, b. Rochford, "Needlewoman," were living on Terrace Lane in Burnham. In 1871, Richard was a widower and Oyster Dredger, age 73, living on Terrace Lane in Burnham.


16       i.    Susannah3 Blunden, b. 30 Mch 1824; bp 23 May 1824, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Thomas Cannell

17      ii.    James Blunden, b. 30 Jan 1827; bp 8 Aug 1830, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Elizabeth Sarah Brown

         iii.    Sarah Blunden, b. 10 Apr 1831; bp  4 Jan 1835, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:205]; bu 6 Apr 1859, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (age 27) [BPR IX:231]

5. James2 Blunden (Thomas1) was born on 28 February 1806, and was baptized on 25 February 1810 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, England. He married, first, by 16 December 1832, the date of birth of their first recorded child, Hannah ________. Hannah was born about 1812 and was buried at Burnham on 29 August 1841, age 29 [BPR IX:211]. James married, second, Esther Eliza Pudney on 3 October 1843 at Burnham [BPR XVIII:83]. Esther was born about 1820, a daughter of Isaac Pudney, labourer, and was buried at Burnham on 8 January 1855, age 34 [BPR IX:226].

James is described as a gardener or seedsman in the records of Burnham. He was probably the James Blunden of Burnham listed in the "gardeners and seedsmen” section of an 1839 directory, and as the James Blundon, seedsman in 1845 and 1848 directories (Pigot & Co. Directory of Essex 1839; Kelly’s Directory of Essex 1845; History, Gazetteer and Directory of Essex 1848).  In the 1851 census for Burnham (p. 56), he is recorded as living on the High Street, age 46 and born in Burnham, a gardener, with a wife Ester, age 3[0], born in Essex Easler Colne (legibility poor). James also had five children living with him, all who had been born in Burnham: Susannah, age 18, b. Burnham; Henry, age 6, scholar; Ester, age 5, scholar; Emma, age 3, scholar; and Mary, age 1. [FHL Film No. 207425].

James is presumably the James Blondon, age 76 and born in Blunden, a widower and gardener, listed in the 1881 census for Burnham.

Children, first three by Hannah, remainder by Esther:

18       i.    Susannah3 Blunden, b. 16 Dec 1832, Burnham; bp 13 Jan 1833, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Thomas Wildish

          ii.    Mary Ann Blunden, b. 2 Feb 1835; bp 25 Oct 1835, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:206]; bu 15 Jul 1839, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (age 4) [BPR IX:209]

         iii.    James Blunden, b. 14 Dec 1836; bp 22 Jan 1837, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:209]; bu 31 Mch 1839, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (age 22) [BPR IX:209]

19     iv.    Henry James Blunden, b. 8 Sep 1844, Burnham; bp 20 Oct 1844, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex; m. Emily Elizabeth Mutton

        v.    Esther Eliza Blunden, b. 10 Nov 1845, Burnham; bp 29 Mch 1846, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIV:234]; bu 2 Aug 1855, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex (age 9) [BPR IX:227]

        vi.    Emma Elizabeth Blunden, b. 22 Sep 1847, Burnham; bp 26 Aug 1849, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIV:243]

        vii.    Mary Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1849, Burnham

6. William3 Blunden (Thomas2-1) was born on 10 May 1825 in Burnham, and baptized on 12 June 1825 in Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:185]. He married, first, Maria ____. She was born about 1825 at Norwich, Norfolk (age 26, 1851). William married, second, Eliza ____, who was born about 1838 in Waldingfield, Suffolk (age 34, 1871; age 43, 1881). This marriage was probably the one between William Blunden and Eliza Sandford that occurred in the Whitechapel district, Middlesex, between October and December 1868 (Whitechapel included Mile End) [FreeBMD].

William was probably the William Blunden, "M.S.” (male scholar?), age 16 and born in Essex, who was residing in 1841 in the Burnham household of Jeffery Manning, grocer, age 45.

In 1851, William (age 25) and Maria were living at 3 Sun Court, St. Botolph Aldgate, in London. William was working as an Ironmongers Porter. There were six "visitors" in their household. In 1871, William (age 46) and Eliza were living in Mile End, London. He was a Warehouseman. In 1881, he (age 56) was a Publican (i.e., keeper of a pub) residing in Queen Street, at The Compasses Public House, Tottenham, Middlesex, with his wife Eliza and three children.


         i.    Mary A.4 Blunden, b. abt 1846, Shoebury, Essex [age 5, 1851]

         ii.    Julia Ann Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1851, Aldgate, Middlesex; in 1871, a servant out of employ, living at home; probably also the niece, age 20 and unemployed, living with John G. and Elizabeth (Blunden) Ellis in 1871 [age 19, 1871]

        iii.    Elizabeth Louisa Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1870, Whitechapel or Mile End, Middlesex, England [age 1, 1871; age 11, 1881]

         iv.    Alice Blunden, b. abt 1872, Tottenham, Middlesex, England [age 9, 1881]

         v.    William Blunden, b. abt 1875, Tottenham, Middlesex, England; in 1901, prob the William Blunden, age 26, b. Tottenham, a licensed victualler (pub), living in Mile End Old Town, w/ wife Alice, age 28, b. Gloucestershire, & dau Edith, age 2, b. Cheshunt, Herts.; a William Blunden and Alice Harding are listed on the same page of marriage records at Edmonton, Jul-Sep 1896  [age 6, 1881]

7. Thomas3 Blunden (Thomas2-1) was born on 13 May 1828, and baptized on 29 August 1830 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:196]. It is presumed that Thomas was the man who later appears in London census records, married to Frances (Fanny) ____, born about 1823 at Westminster, Middlesex. A Thomas Blunden and Frances Elizabeth Gilman had their marriage recorded on the same page in October-December 1854 in East London (FreeBMD).

The Thomas in London was born in Burnham about 1829 (age 32, 1861; age 43, 1871; age 52, 1881; age 62, 1891). No other Thomas Blunden of about that age is recorded as born in Burnham. However, in the 1861 census, Thomas was enumerated with a Mary Blunden, described as his mother, marital status "married," a "Gardiners wife," age 64, born in Essex (Ostend was entered as the place in Essex, but struck through). This does not fit the mother of the man who was born in Burnham in 1828, as her name was Elizabeth and she was born in Burnham in 1802. Elizabeth was visiting her daughter Elizabeth Ellis in 1871 in Tottenham, Middlesex and living with her in 1881, but has not been located in 1861.

In 1861, Thomas and Frances were living in St. Georges Hanover Square in London. Thomas was 32 and a warehouseman to a wine merchant. In 1871, Thomas and Frances lived in Marylebone, London. In 1881, he was living at 8 Little Welbeck Street in London with his wife and two children. In 1891, Thomas and Frances lived at 21 Garonde(?) Road, in Fulham. He was a wine merchant's cellarman in 1871, 1881 and 1891.


          i.    Emily Frances4 Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1857, St. Luke’s, Middlesex [age 3, 1861; age 14, 1871]

          ii.    Mary Elizabeth Blunden, b. Apr-Jun 1859, St. Luke’s, Middlesex; a dressmaker in 1881 [age 1, 1861; age 12, 1871; age 21, 1881]

         iii.    William Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1863,  St. George’s, Middlesex; a woolen draper warehouseman in 1881; warehouseman in 1891 [age 9, 1871; age 18, 1881; age 28, 1891]

8. Mary Ann3 Blunden (Thomas2-1) was born on 1 August 1830, and baptized on 29 August 1830 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:185]. She married Henry Edward Pistor on 2 September 1849 at St. John Southwark in Surrey. William Blunden and Marie Blunden were the witnesses. Henry Edward Pistor was christened on 16 February 1817 at St. Nicholas Olave in London, a son of Henry and Elizabeth Pistor. He died on 12 April 1877 at the Leipzig Fair in Germany.

1841 census, London, Bishopsgate parish

Henry Pistor 20 Merchant b. in county
Elizabeth     " 45 Independent not b. in county
Eliza Bell 25 Servant not b. in county

A Henry Pistor, fancy toy dealer, is listed at 79 Bishopsgate without in the 1842 London directory. A directory for 1845 lists Henry Edward Pistor, toy dealer and importer, at the same address (Post Office London Directory, 1845, London commercial section). He was an importer at the time of his marriage.

1851 census, Kingston upon Hull, Holy Trinity parish:

10 Market Place

Henry Edwd Pistor Head Mar 34 Shopkeeper London
Mary Ann     " Wife Mar 20 Essex
Mary Ann Elizabeth     " Daur 1 Yorks Hull
Elizabeth     " Mother Widow 60 Warwicks Coventry
Sarah Harris Servant 17 Yorks Hull

The death of a Henry Edward Pistor was recorded between January and March 1852 at Hull. In an 1855 directory for the northern counties, Henry Edward Pistor is listed as a glass and china dealer at 10 Market Place in Hull (Slater’s Northern Counties Directory, 1855).

Henry was of Ann Street in Birmingham on 28 Feb 1868 when he made his will, which describes him as a Merchants Agent. The Pistor family owned a glass factory in Haida, Czechoslovakia.

Based on the births of their children, they lived at Hull, Yorkshire between 1853 and 1857, at Edgbaston, Warwickshire in 1859, at Selly Hill, Northfield, Worcestershire in 1860, and at Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire in 1862. In the 1861 census, The family is listed at 138 Selly Grove, Northfield, Worcestershire, a southern suburb of Birmingham, in the 1861 census (E.D. #5, p. 27). The microfilm copy is not very good, particularly on the right hand side of the places of birth:

Henry [] Pistore 44 Merchant in Foreign Fancy Goods b. London St Nicholas
Mary A Do wf 31 b. Essex Burn[ ]
Frederick Do son 7 b. Yorkshire Hull
Robert Do 5 b. Yorkshire     "
William Do son 3 b. Warwicksh, Edgbaston
Thomas Do son 8 mos b. Worcesters,
Maria Dunn Serv 50 "   St[ ]bridge
Elizabeth Jeffs    " 21 "   Northfield
John Mountford    " 25 "   Cleu[  ]

By 1871, the family was living at Hill House in Fillongley in Warwickshire (p. 10 (37 2); #61):

Mary Ann Pistor 41 Merchants Wife b. Maldon
Benjamin John son 18 Engaged in Fathers Office b. York Hull
Frederic Edwd son 16 Do      "   "
Robt Walter son 14 at School      "   "
William son 12      " b. Selly Oak
Thomas son 10      " Do  Do
Margaret dau 8 Warwick, Sutton Coldfield
Elizabeth Farmer serv 34 Do  Do

Madge Pistor stated that her father lived for a time as a boy in Bohemia or Germany. He also resided at a house known as the Uplands, Wood End, Arley Lane in Fillongley and a picture of that house remained among the family possessions. By report of Mr. R.H. Adkins, a local historian of the area, White's Directory for 1874 indicates that the Uplands was then occupied by H.E. Pistor, Conservative Agent, and Henry Herbert Pistor, farmer. The Return of Owners of Land--1873 lists an Edward Henry Pistor at Fillongley, the owner of 21 acres, 3 rods and 10 perches of land with a gross estimated rental of ,45, 2 sh.

Henry's will was proved on 28 May 1877 and Mary Ann Pistor, the widow, was appointed to administer it. She was then of No. 33 Finsbury Square in London. The will gave all Henry's personal and household effects to his wife and divided the remainder, leaving half to his wife and half for his children in trust until they reached 21, Mary Ann and Henry's friend Vaughton William Houghton to serve as trustees.

Madge Pistor: "My father's mother seemed to have lived latterly in Bohemia -- used to visit us sometimes but I never knew her -- both she & father's father must have been buried over there -- in Bohemia."


          i.    Mary Ann Elizabeth Pistor, b. abt 1850, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire; d. Oct-Dec 1852, Hull

          ii.    Henry Edward Pistor, probably a son b. after the 1851 census and d. Jan-Mar 1852, Hull

         iii.    Benjamin John (Jack) Pistor, b. Oct-Dec 1853, Hull, Yorkshire; d. as a young man, after 1871,  probably the John Benjamin Pistor who d. Jul-Sep 1877, regis. dist. Chorlton, [?] 4 Sep 1877, MassSide, Lancaster of pneumonia

         iv.    Frederick Edward Pistor, b. Oct 1855, Hull (regis. dist. Sculcoates), Yorkshire; ch 8 Oct 1855, Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull; m. Toni ____, of Haida, Czechoslovakia; poss d. 28 Apr 1907; one child, Nelly Pistor, b. abt 1900

        v.    Robert Walter Pistor, b. Jan-Feb 1857, Hull (as Walter Robert; regis. dist. Sculcoates), Yorkshire; ch 16 Feb 1857, Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull; m. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jane MacKinlay; d. 11 Jul 1897, Leyton, Essex; two children: Douglas Robert Alexander Pistor (b. 2 Jul 1892, Leyton; d. 1954); Marie Pistor (Possibly the Marie Elizabeth Pistor of Glasgow who was married on 21 March 1914, at Ealing, to Arthur Leopold White of 13 George Park, Ealing. The Times, 27 Mar 1914, col. 1); Robert Pistor was listed as a china and glass dealer at 24 Finsbury Square in the 1880 London Directory

         vi.    William Francis Pistor, b. Apr-Jun 1858, Edgbaston (regis. dist. Kings Norton), Warwickshire; m. Ella ____, a German girl, and had daughter, Carmen, who m. a Hentzen

        vii.    Thomas Alfred Pistor, b. 18 Aug 1860, Selly Hill, Northfield, Worcestershire; m. Emilie Ninea Gregg, 9 Jan 1890, Islington, London; d. 5 Nov 1927, Paddington, London; three children: Reginald Thomas Pistor (1892-1970), Dorothy Ninea Pistor (1897-1955), Madge Kathleen Pistor (1904-c1989)

       viii.    Margaret Ellen Pistor, b. 15 Nov 1862, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire; bp 4 Jan 1863, Sutton Coldfield; m. an Austria professor named ____ Krainer; d. abt 1938, Graz, Austria; one son, Harry Krainer, d. WWI, Russia

9. John3 Blunden (Thomas2-1) was born on 16 Sep 1834, and baptized on 30 October 1836 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:209]. His wife Eliza ______ was born about 1836 at Edmonton, Middlesex, and died prior to 1891 (age 25, 1861; age 44, 1881). A John Blunden and Eliza Marr had their marriages recorded on the same page at East London between July and September 1857 (FreeBMD).

John, age 26 and born in Burnham, lived at 13 Upper Clifton Street in Shoreditch, Middlesex in 1861, with a wife Eliza and two daughters. He was then a Labourer. In 1881, John, age 46 and born in Burnham, was living at 1 Bradley Street, Lambeth, Surrey, with his wife Eliza and four children. He was then a Carman. A boarder, William Woodbury, lived with them. In 1891, John was a Carman and widower, age 57, living as a pauper at the workhouse in Lambeth. In 1901, he was a retired Carman, still living at the workhouse as a pauper.


          i.    Eliza M.4 Blunden, b. abt 1859, City, Middlesex; poss Eliza Matilda Blunden, b. Apr-Jun 1858, E. London District (age 2, 1861)

          ii.    Alice Elizabeth Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1860, Shoreditch, Middlesex (age 1, 1861)

20     iii.    George Richard Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1862, Finsbury, Middlesex; m. Mary E. ____

         iv.    Louisa A. Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1866, Lambeth, Surrey; a scholar in 1881

         v.    Elizabeth Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1868, Lambeth, Surrey; a scholar in 1881

         vi.    John Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1871, Lambeth, Surrey; a scholar in 1881

10. James3 Blunden (Thomas2-1) was born on 28 Sep 1836, and baptized on 30 October 1836 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:209]. He was probably the James Blunden, age 74, who died in Pancras, London in January-March 1911 (FreeBMD)  His wife Emily was born about 1832 in Worcester town (age 28, 1861; age 40, 1871; age 60, 1891). She was probably the Emily Blunden, age 85, who died in Pancras, London in October-December 1915 (FreeBMD).

In 1861, James and Emily were living in St. Ann Blackfriar's parish, London. James was a carman (?), age 24, born in Mundon, Essex. In 1871, they were living in St. Pancras, London, at which time James was a van proprietor. In 1881, James Blundon, age 44 and born in Burnham, was at 12 York Terrace in London with his wife and four children. He was a painter. Sarah H. James was a lodger with the family, Ellen Tilley, age 55, was a visitor, and Elizabeth Dorney was a boarder. James and Emily were living at 27 Monkley Terrace in Islington, London in 1891. James was then a house painter. In 1901, they were living in St. Pancras, London, and James was still a painter.


          i.    Thomas James4 Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1861, Mile End Old Town, London [b.: FreeBMD; age 3 mos, 1861; not listed 1871]

          ii.    Catharine Blunden, b. abt 1864, London [age 7, 1871]

         iii.    Frances H.4 Blunden, b. abt 1866, St. Pancras, Middlesex; a daily nurse in 1881 [age 5, 1871]

        iv.    Louisa Harriet Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1868, St. Pancras, Middlesex; a scholar in 1881

21      v.    Russell Edward Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1871, St. Pancras (FreeBMD) (or Marylebone), Middlesex; m. Lucy Gullick

         vi.    Florence Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1874, St. Pancras, Middlesex, a scholar in 1881

11. Elizabeth3 Blunden (Thomas2-1) was born on 24 Sep 1838, and baptized on 11 November 1838 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:214]. She married John George Ellis by 1861. He was born about 1836 at Tottenham, Middlesex (or Hatfield, Hertfordshire, per the 1891 census).

In 1881 and 1891, the family lived in Princes Street (#5 in 1891), at Tottenham, Middlesex.

Children (based on the Ellis research of Pat Cryer)

         i.    Elizabeth Caroline Ellis4, b. 17 Aug 1861, Edmonton, Middlesex; m. James Reedman Cole, 14 Feb 1880, Tottenham, Middlesex; d. 20 Jan 1936

          ii. Mary Anne Ellis, b. abt 1862; m. Fred Hummings

         iii. Charles Ellis, b. abt 1867, Tottenham, Middlesex

         iv. Emily Ellis, b. abt 1868, Tottenham, Middlesex

         v. Annie Ellis, b. abt 1871, Tottenham, Middlesex; m. William (Bill) Woods

         vi. Walter Thomas Ellis, b. abt 1872; m. Lizzie ____

        vii. Florence (Florry) Ellis, b. abt 1872, m. Harry Hutton

        viii. Frances Ellis, b. abt 1875

        ix. Alice Ellis, b. abt 1876, Tottenham, Middlesex; m. Harry Hutchinson

        x. Ellen Ellis, b. abt 1879; m. Jack or Jo Gosling

        xi. Jemima Ellis, b. abt 1880, Tottenham, Middlesex

       xii. Rose Ellis, b. abt 1881; m. Fred Leutchford

12. Albert Robjent3 Blunden (Thomas2-1) was born on 11 January 1841, and baptized on 28 February 1841 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:219]. He married Mary A. ____. Their marriage was probably the one between Alfred Blunden and Mary Ann Webster in East London in July-September 1861 (FreeBMD). Mary was born about 1835 at Bramfield, Hertfordshire (age 33, 1871; age 46, 1881; age 56, 1891).

Albert's name is given as Albert Robjent in his birth record and as Albert and Albert Robt in the 1841 and 1851 censuses. He has not been located in the 1861 census. He appears to have been the Albert Blunden, age 31 and born in Chelmsford, Essex, living in Islington, London in 1871, at which time he was a porter. He then had a wife Mary A. and a son Alfred, as well as a lodger, John Webster, age 16, born in Knebworth, Herts., clearly a relative of his wife's. Albert thus appears to be identical with the Alfred Blunden, who is shown with that name in his 1861 marriage to Mary Ann Webster and in the 1881 and 1891 censuses. Alfred's occupation in those censuses of Wine Cellarman was the same as that of his elder brother Thomas. The 1881 and 1891 censuses give Alfred's birthplace as Burnham and no other Albert or Alfred Blunden of about that age, born in Essex, appears in the census indices available at

In 1881, Alfred and Mary lived at 14 Richmond Grove, London. In 1891, Alfred R. and Mary A. lived at 14 Sheen Grove, Islington, London and an Ann Webster, age 81, was living next to them.


           i.    Alfred4 Blunden, b. abt 1863, St. Luke’s, London; prob the Alfred Blunden b. Oct-Dec 1862, St. Luke's (FreeBMD); a solicitor’s clerk, living with his parents, in both 1881 & 1891 [age 9, 1871; age 18, 1881; age 28, 1891]

13. Samuel3 Blunden (Thomas2-1) was born on 8 May 1843, and baptized on 30 July 1843 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:225]. He married Mary Ann Garner on 1 November 1863 at Shoreditch, London [Jack Wells]. She was born about 1837 in Broadstairs, Kent, a daughter of John and Mary Ann Garner (age 34, 1871; age 50, 1891; age 60, 1901).

            At the time of their marriage, Samuel was a coach builder. In 1871, Samuel and Mary A. were living at 3 Inkerman Place, Sebastopol Road, Edmonton, Middlesex. He was age 28 and a Coach Lab[orer]. In 1891, Samuel (age 48) and Mary Ann were living at 2 Inkerman Place in Edmonton; he was a porter. They were in the same house in 1901, at which time Samuel was a house painter.


          i.    Mary Ann4 Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1864, Islington, Middlesex [age 6, 1871]

          ii.    Samuel George4 Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1867, Edmonton, Middlesex [age 3, 1871]

         iii.    Sophia Jane Blunden, b. 22 Nov 1869, Edmonton, Middlesex; d. 3 Feb 1944, Hackney, London; m. John William Reading, 1891, Hackney; he b. 1870, d. 1947, a blacksmith; four children [age 1, 1871; Jack Wells]

         iv.    Amelia Elizabeth Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1875, Edmonton, Middlesex; a blouse machinist in 1901 [age 25, 1901]

14. Henry3 Blunden (Adam Robjent2, Thomas1) was baptized on 24 April 1819 at St. Mary, Newington, Surrey, and died after 1891. His wife Sophia was born about 1823 at Hampton Court, Surrey. They were possibly the Henry Blunden and Sophia Sly whose marriages were both listed at volume 2, page 87 of marriages between July and September 1844 in the Holborn District, Middlesex.

A Clement Richard Blunden was born and died at Newington in July-September 1849, which could have been a child of Henry and Sophia. In 1851, they were living at 5 Hamilton Yard, Lambeth (name given as "Blundell").  Henry was then a general postman. In 1861, they were living at 2 Hamilton Yard, St. Thomas's, Lambeth, Surrey. Henry was age 41, born at St. Mary's, Newington, Middlesex. Sophia was 37, born at Hampton Court, Surrey. They were in the same house in 1871, ages given as 52 and 48. Henry's occupation in both 1861 and 1871 was a letter sorter at the General Post Office.

In 1881, Henry and Sophia were living at No. 53 Verona Street, Battersea, Surrey, where Henry was the publican of the "Lord Ranelagh” pub. Also in their household were three sons, two visitors (Frank H. Daw, a barman, and Clara Lamb, age 19), and a servant.  In 1891, William H. Blunden, age 71, born in London, "S.E.”, a post office pensioner, was living with his wife Sophia, age 67, born at Hampton Court, London, in the household of Thomas T. Townsend and his wife Sarah in Battersea, London, listed as father-in-law and mother-in-law.


         i.    Sophia4 Blunden, b. abt 1846, Covent Garden, Middlesex; prob the Sophia Ruth, b. Jul-Sep 1845, St. Martin's District, Middlesex; a Caroline Sophia, d. Jan-Mar 1849, Lambeth

22      ii.    Henry William Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1847, Lambeth, Surrey; m. Harriett ____

         iii.    Charles Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1850, Lambeth, Surrey; poss the Charles Blunden, age 47, who d. Lambeth, Jul-Sep 1897 [age 15 mos, 1851; age 12, 1861]

         iv.    Thomas Blunden, b. Apr-Jun 1852, Lambeth, Surrey; in 1871, an assistant letter carrier, G.P.O. [age 10, 1861; age 18, 1871]

23      v.    Sarah Blunden, b. abt 1853, Lambeth, Surrey; m. Thomas Theodore Townsend

24     vi.    Clement Theodore Blunden, b. Apr-Jun 1856, Lambeth, Surrey; m. Florence Helen Jeffries

        vii.    John J. Blunden, b. abt 1859, Lambeth, Surrey; poss the John James Blunden, age 32, who d. Lambeth Jan-Mar 1891 [age 2, 1861; age 12, 1871]

       viii.    Alfred Blunden, b. abt 1862, Lambeth, Surrey; an Alfred Blunden, age 55, died Oct-Dec 1918 at Edmonton, on the border of Middlesex, Essex and Herefordshire, but this could also have been Alfred's first cousin, who was about the same age (FreeBMD) [age 9, 1871]

25    viii.    George Walter Blunden, b. abt 1863, Lambeth, Surrey; m. Clara Annie Lane

        ix.    Arthur Blunden, b. abt 1866, Lambeth, Surrey; no occupation 1881; probably the postman, age 25, b. Lambeth, living at 26 Blythe Terrace in Lambeth in 1891, with wife Jane, age 23, b. Lambeth [age 4, 1871; age 15, 1881]

15. Charles3 Blunden (Adam Robjent2, Thomas1) was born on 19 July 1832 at Newington, Surrey and died on 18 May 1877 at 15 Frederick Place, Mason Street, Lambeth, Surrey [Mavis Ricketts]. He married Emma Hamilton on 25 December 1852 at St. Mary's, Lambeth. Emma was born in 1831 in Lambeth, a daughter of Joseph and Zillah Hamilton (age 30, 1861; age 46, 1881).

Charles was living with his father in 1851 (age 21). He and Emma lived in Brook Street at the time of their marriage. Charles and Emma lived at 38 Thomas street in Lambeth in 1861 (age 33). They were at 4 East Doris Street in 1871. Charles was a carpenter in 1851, at the time of his marriage, in 1861 and 1871. After Charles' death, Emma moved to Northampton, where she was living at 29 Augustin Street in All Saints' Parish in 1881, with her three youngest children. She was living in Kingsthorpe parish, Northampton in 1891, with her daughter Florence and the two children of her son Joseph. In 1901, she lived with her granddaughter Amelia Chick.


26       i.    Joseph Henry4 Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1853, Lambeth, Surrey; m. Mary Ann Hurry

          ii.    Zillah Blunden, b. abt 1856, Lambeth, Surrey; a servant in 1871 [age 5, 1861; age 16, 1871]

         iii.    Emma Helena Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1858, Lambeth, Surrey [age 3, 1861

         iv.    Charles Thomas Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1859, Lambeth, Surrey [age 1, 1861; age 10, 1871]

         v.    Edward Blunden, b. abt 1863, Lambeth, Surrey; labourer1881 [age 8, 1871; age 18, 1881]

         vi.    George Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1865, Lambeth, Surrey; labourer, 1881 [age 6, 1871; age 16, 1881]

        vii.    Florence Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1871, Lambeth, Surrey [age 2 mos, 1871; age 10, 1881]

16. Susannah3 Blunden (Richard2, Thomas1) was born on 30 March 1824, and baptized on 23 May 1824 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:182]. She married Thomas Cannell, who was in the coast guard service, on 19 Oct 1843 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XVIII:83]. Thomas was born about 1820 at Winterton, Norfolk, a son of John Cannell, carpenter.

           In 1861, Thomas and Susannah were living in Walberswick, Suffolk. In 1871, they were living on Victoria Street in Southwold, Suffolk. Thomas was employed in the Coast Guard in both 1861 and 1871. In 1881, Thomas and Susan were living at 2 Bartholomew Green, Southwold, Suffolk, with four children and two grandchildren. Thomas’s occupation was "Superannuated Coastguard.”  They were also living there in 1891, when Thomas’s occupation was "Naval Pensioner."


          i.    [daughter] Cannell4, m. a Burley; two children, both born London Pimlico: Robert Burley, b. abt 1873, and Thomas Burley, b. abt 1874; presumably the Harriett Cannell whose m. is recorded on the same page as that of Robert Burley at Wandsworth, Jan-Mar 1872

          ii.    John Cannell, b. abt 1849, Walberswick, Suffolk [age 12, 1861]

        iii.    Thomas Cannell, b. abt 1853, Southwold, Suffolk; in 1881, (M S) Seaman; in 1891, Mariner, resided with parents, afflicted with Incostail? Disease [age 10, 1861]

         iv.    Emily Cannell, b. abt 1854, Southwold, Suffolk [age 7, 1861]

         v.    Edward Cannell, b. abt 1857, Walberswick, Suffolk [age 14, 1871; age 4, 1861]

        vi.    Elizabeth J. Cannell, b. abt 1860, Walberswick, Suffolk; in 1881, domestic servant [age 1, 1861; age 9, 1871]

       vii.    William Cannell, b. abt 1862, Southwold, Suffolk; in 1881, fisherman [age 8, 1871]

       viii.    Barbara Cannell, b. abt 1865, Southwold, Suffolk; in 1881, scholar [age 6, 1871]

17. James3 Blunden (Richard2, Thomas1) was born on 30 January 1827, and baptized on 8 August 1830 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:195]. He was probably the James Blunden who died between July and September 1889 in Maldon District, Essex (which includes Burnham), age 60 [FreeBMD]. James married Elizabeth Sarah Brown between July and September 1847 in Maldon district, Essex [FreeBMD]. She was born about 1829 at Southminster, Essex and was probably the Sarah Elizabeth Blunden, age 72, who died between January and March 1901 in Maldon District [FreeBMD].

            In 1851 and 1861, James (ages 24, 35) and Elizabeth (ages 23, 36), lived at Burnham, where he was an Oyster Dredgerman. In 1861, they lived in Silver Lane which was divided into eight tenements, four upstairs and four downstairs. In 1871, they also lived in Burnham and James was a Dredgerman. Their household that year included a grandson Frederic G. Blunden, age 3, and a son William J. Blunden, age 1. James was presumably the James Blunden, age 53, born Burnham, who was a dredger living in New Town, Burnham in 1881. The Hannah Dines, age 82, "mother,” living with them was presumably Elizabeth’s mother.

Elizabeth was presumably the Elizabeth S. Blunden, age 64, b. Southminster, a nurse, who was living in 1891 in the home of John W. and Naomi Clarke in Honey Street, Burnham, as John’s mother-in-law.

A query submitted in 2000 by Elizabeth Price indicates that she has a birth certificate for her ancestor John Blunden, born in 1850, son of James Blunden and Elizabeth Sarah Blunden, formerly Brown. []


          i.    Harriet4 Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1847, Burnham, Essex; poss m. Jul-Sep 1872, Maldon District [age 3, 1851]

27      ii.    John Blunden, b. Apr-Jun 1850, Southminster, Essex; m. Emily Hymas

28     iii.    Naomi Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1853, Burnham; m. John William Clarke

29    iv.    Joseph George Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1856, Burnham; poss m. Oct-Dec 1877, Maldon District [age 4, 1861; age 14, 1871]

         v.    Alice Jane Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1859, Burnham; prob d. Apr-Jun 1863, Maldon District [age 1, 1861]

29     vi.    Emily Jane Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1866, Burnham; m. Albert Benjamin Pudney

        vii.    William James Blunden, Apr-Jun 1869, Burnham; prob d. Jan-Mar 1872, Maldon District, age 2 [FreeBMD] [age 1, 1870]

18. Susannah3 Blunden (James2, Thomas1) was born on 16 December 1832 at Burnham, Essex, and baptized on 13 January 1833 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:200]. She married Thomas Wildish, a baker, on 11 Oct 1855 at Burnham-on-Crouch [BPR XVIII:93]. Thomas was born about 1830 at St. Peters, Kent, a son of William Wildish, plumber glasier.

In 1881, Thomas and Susanna and four children lived at a shop at 11 Crown Street, Brentwood, Essex. Thomas was a baker, and William Willings, age 16, also a baker (general servant domestic), was living with him. An Alice Griggs, age 2, born in London was listed with them as a visitor. In 1891, they lived in High Street in Brentwood; Thomas was still a baker. Living with them was Herbert C. Wildish, a grandson, age 4, born at Chelmsford, Essex, and George J. Drew, nephew, age 15, baker, born at Ohehampton, Devon.


          i.    Lois Wildish4, age 40, 1891 [sic], Maldon, Essex; living with parents 1891; age probably exaggerated, Emma’s age given as 30

         ii.    Susanna Wildish, b. abt 1866, Tillingham, Essex; a scholar in 1881

         iii.    Ebenezer J. Wildish, b. abt 1868, Tillingham, Essex; a scholar in 1881

         iv.    Emma G. Wildish, b. abt 1871, Tillingham, Essex; a scholar in 1881

         v.    Edith Wildish, b. abt 1873, Tillingham, Essex; a scholar in 1881

19. Henry James3 Blunden (James2, Thomas1) was born on 8 September 1844 at Burnham, Essex, and baptized on 20 October 1844 at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR XIII:228]. Henry married Emily Elizabeth Mutton in January-March 1869 at Islington, Middlesex (FreeBMD). She was born about 1852 in Cambridge (age 19, 1871; age 29, 1881; 39, 1891).

In 1871, 1881 and 1891, Henry and Emily were living at 53 Bridge Street, St. Clement's parish, Cambridge, in Cambridgeshire. Henry was a grocer's assistant in 1871, a commercial clerk in 1881, and a fishmonger's clerk in 1891. In 1881, Henry’s sister-in-law Ellen Mutton (age 42, b. Cambridge) and a servant Eliza Ann Rule, age 18, were living with them. In 1901, Henry, age 50 a commercial clerk, was a widower, boarding with Alfred and Martha Shipp in Chesterton, Cambridgeshire.


          i.    Edith Florence4 Blunden, b. abt 1870, Cambridge; resided with parents 1891; m. Jul-Sep 1892, Cambridge, William Bevis (FreeBMD); in 1901, they were in St. Andrew Parish, Cambridge, William was age 32, b. Cambridge, a baker; Edith H. was age 30, b. Cambridge; they had children: Doris E., age 4, and Elinor C., age 1 [age 1, 1871; age 10, 1881; age 21, 1891]

20. George Richard4 Blunden (John3, Thomas2-1) was born in January-March 1862, at Finsbury (Shoreditch), Middlesex. He married Mary E. ____ by 1888. She was born about 1863 in Dublin, Ireland. They may have been the George Richard Blunden and Mary Emma N. Newcombe, whose marriages were recorded on the same page at Lambeth in January-March 1886 (FreeBMD).

George was a railway porter living at home in 1881. In 1891, he was a "packer in works of art," living with Mary in 3 rooms at 101 Hubert Grove, Lambeth. In 1901, they were living in the same place and he had the same occupation.


         i.    Grace Ethel5 Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1887, Lambeth or Stockwell [age 3, 1891; age 13, 1901]

         ii.    Alice Louisa Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1889, Lambeth or Stockwell [age 1, 1891; age 11, 1901]

21. Russell Edward4 Blunden (James3, Thomas2-1) was born between January and March 1871 at St. Pancras (FreeBMD) or Marylebone, Middlesex (1901 cen). He married Lucy Gullick between January and March 1894 at Pancras, London (FreeBMD). She was born about 1871 at Mendip, Somerset.

In 1891, Russell was a shunter, living with his parents. In 1901, he was a railway shunter, living with Lucy in Hampstead, London.


         i.    Ernest Walter5 Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1899, Hampstead, London [b.: FreeBMD; age 2, 1901]

          ii.    Frederick Charles Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1900, Hampstead, London [b.: FreeBMD; age 5 mos, 1901]

22. Henry William4 Blunden (Henry3, Adam Robjent2, Thomas1) was born July-September 1847 at Lambeth, Surrey (FreeBMD). His name was given as William, age 14, in the 1861 census and as Henry W., age 23, in the 1871 census. In the latter census, he was a leather cutter, living at home.

Henry is presumably the same as the Henry Blunden, born about 1849 in Lambeth, who was a painter in Lambeth in 1881 and 1891, living with his wife Harriet ____. A Henry William Blunden and a Harriet Owen are listed on the same page (vol. 1b, p. 859) in the marriage records for April-June 1872 in the Strand district, London (FreeBMD).

1 Mason Street, Lambeth, Surrey, 1881 26 Blythe Terrace, Southmarsh, Lambeth, 1891
Henry Blunden, age 32, b. Lambeth, painter Henry Blunden, head, 42, b. Lambeth, painter
Harriet Blunden, wife, age 28, b. Lambeth Harriett Blunden, wf, 38, b. Lambeth
James Blunden, son, age 7, b. Lambeth Albert Blunden, son, 14, b. Lambeth
Albert Blunden, son, age 5, b. Lambeth Rosa Blunden, dau, 12, b. Lambeth, scholar
Rosa Blunden, dau, age 2, b. Lambeth Ada Blunden, dau, 9, b. Lambeth, scholar
Ada Blunden, dau, age 5 mo, b. Lambeth Charles Stroad, visitor, 16, b. Lambeth, errand boy


          i.    James5 Blunden, b. abt 1874, Lambeth, Surrey; poss the Henry James Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1873, Lambeth; poss the James Henry Blunden, age 16, b. Lambeth, working as a page in a club in St. Martins' in the Field, London in 1891

          ii.    Albert Arthur Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1876, Lambeth, Surrey; prob m. Islington, Jan-Mar 1904 [age 5, 1881; age 14, 1891]

         iii.    Rosa Harriet Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1878, Lambeth, Surrey [age 2, 1881; age 12, 1891]

         iv.    Ada Maud Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1881, Lambeth, Surrey [age 5 mo 1881; age 9, 1891]

23. Sarah4 Blunden (Henry3, Adam Robjent2, Thomas1) was born about 1853 at Lambeth, Surrey (age 8, 1861; age 35, 1891). She married Thomas Theodore Townsend at Lambeth, between April and June 1874 (FreeBMD). He was born about 1851 at Bath, Somerset.

In 1891, Thomas and Sarah lived at 22 Abyssinia Road in Battersea, London. Thomas was then a musician. An e-mail from Brian Hogg of 30 April 2005 mentions a family tradition that Thomas was at one time the first violinist and deputy conductor at the Empire Leicester Square, and that it was rumored that Sarah was a dancer and Thomas the estranged son of a vicar.


         i.    Arthur T. Townsend5, b. abt 1875, Lambeth; a musician in 1891

          ii.    Thomas Theodore Townsend, b. abt 1876, Lambeth; scholar in 1891

         iii.    Ada E. Townsend, b. abt 1878, Lambeth; scholar in 1891

         iv.    Henry W. Townsend, b. abt 1879, Battersea; scholar in 1891

         v.    Rose B. Townsend, b. abt 1881, Battersea; scholar in 1891

         vi.    Charles W. Townsend, b. abt 1882, Battersea; scholar in 1891

        vii.    Molly G. Townsend, b. abt 1884, Battersea; scholar in 1891

        viii.    Albert W. Townsend, b. abt 1886, Battersea

24. Clement Theodore4 Blunden (Henry3, Adam Robjent2, Thomas1) was born April-June 1856 in Lambeth, Middlesex (age 5, 1861; age 14, 1871; age 22, 1881; FreeBMD). He married, prior to 1889, Florence Helen Jeffries in July-September 1887 at Wandsworth. She was born about 1866 at Woodbridge, Suffolk.

In 1871, Clement was a messenger for the General Post Office. 1881, Clement lived with his parents, and had no listed occupation. In 1891, he was listed as Clement T., age 34, born Lambeth, living at 21 Cologne Road in Battersea, London. He was then a clerk in the returned letter office (his brother Arthur appears to have been a postman in 1891).


          i.    Edith Caroline5 Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1888, Battersea, Surrey

          ii.    Constance Maud Blunden, b. abt Nov 1890, Battersea, Surrey (age 5 mos)

25. George Walter4 Blunden (Henry3, Adam Robjent2, Thomas1) was born about 1862 in Lambeth, Surrey (age 8, 1871; age 19, 1881). He married Clara Annie Lane in April-June 1883 at Wandsworth (FreeBMD). She was born about 1863 in Chelsea, London.

 In 1881, George lived with his parents, and had no listed occupation. In 1891, he was listed as George W., age 29, born Lambeth, living at 3 Auckland Road in Battersea, London. He was then a carpenter.


         i.    Clara Sophia5 Blunden, b. Jul-Sep 1886, Tooting(?), London

         ii.    George Richard Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1889, Battersea, London

26. Joseph Henry4 Blunden (Charles3, Adam Robjent2, Thomas1) was between October and December 1853 at Stangate Westminster, Lambeth, Surrey (age 7, 1861, age 18, 1871; FreeBMD). He married Mary Ann Hurry on 15 October 1872 at St Mary the Virgin, Lambeth, London [Mavis Ricketts]. She was born about 1854 at Hackney, London, a daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Hurry. Joseph and Mary Ann may have both died in 1885, Mary Ann in July-September and Joseph in October-December [Mavis Ricketts].

Joseph was an undertaker in 1871, when he was living with his parents in Lambeth, and also in 1881, when he and Mary Anne were living in 226 Waterloo Road, St. George, Southwark. In 1891, Amelia and Joseph were living with their grandmother, Emma Blunden in Kingsthorpe parish, Northampton.


          i.    Amelia5 Blunden, b. Apr-Jun 1873, St. George Southwark, Surrey; m. Thomas George Edward Chick, Oct-Dec 1894, Northampton; three ch [age 7, 1881, age 18, 1891]

30      ii.    Joseph Blunden, b. 30 Aug 1879, 226 Waterloo Road, St. George Southwark, Surrey; m1 Harriet Sylvia Welch; m2 Eliza Gammage [age 1, 1881, age 11, 1891]

27. John4 Blunden (James3, Richard2, Thomas1) was born in April-June 1850 at Southminster, Essex [FreeBMD; 11 mos, 1851; age 11, 1861; age 23, 1871; age 29, 1881]. He married Emily Hymas in October-December 1871 [FreeBMD, Maldon Dist.]  She was born about 1855 at Wallsea Island, Essex (or Great Stambridge, Essex, per 1891 census). John and Emily are presumably the John Blunden who died on 2 February 1929, aged 78, and wife Emily, who died on 22 April 1941, aged 83, buried in the Burnham churchyard [Gerry Turpin].

John was a cottage laborer in 1861 and a dredgerman in 1871, in both cases living with his parents in Burnham. In 1881, he was a dredger (dock), living in New Town, Burnham with his wife Emily. John, age 41, a mariner, and Emily, age 37, were living at Lilian Terrace, Burnham, in 1891. John was also described as a mariner in 1894 in connection with his son's marriage. In 1901, Emily was living on Queens Road, Burnham. Her status was given as married, but John was absent. He is listed at sea on the "Essex."


          i.    Edith Louisa5 Blunden, b. Apr-Jun 1872, Burnham, Essex; a scholar in 1881; probably the Edith Blunden, age 18, b. Burnham, working as a housemaid in 1891 at Chigwell, Essex, in the home of William Charles Barnes

31      ii.    William James Blunden, b. Apr-Jun 1875, Burnham, Essex; m. Edith Turpin

         iii.    Grace Mary Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1880, Burnham, Essex; scholar 1891; poss the Grace Mary Blunden m. in Maldon District Jan-Mar 1903 [FreeBMD]

        iv.    Patience Sarah Blunden, b. Apr-Jun 1883, Burnham, Essex; scholar 1891 [b. FreeBMD]

        v.    Emily Alice Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1885, Burnham, Essex, scholar 1891

        vi.    Alfred John Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1888, Burnham, Essex; m. Edith Humphreys, Jul-Sep 1913, Maldon District; grocer's apprentice 1901

        vii.    Constance Maud Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1890, Burnham, Essex; m. Fred Barnard, Jan-Mar 1913, Maldon District (age 7 mos, 1891)

       viii.    John E. Blunden, b. abt 1894, Burnham, Essex; prob Ernest John Blunden, b. Apr-Jun 1893, Maldon District

28. Naomi4 Blunden (James3, Richard2, Thomas1) was born between January and March 1853 in Burnham, Essex and died on 16 December 1933. She married John William Clarke in January-March 1874 at Chelmsford. John was born about 1854 in Burnham and died on 14 August 1911, age 55. (1881 cen; FreeBMD; photo of gravestone supplied by Zoë Bridges).

 In 1881, John, age 26, and Naomi, age 28, were living at New Town, Burnham. John was a dredger (dock). In 1891, they lived in Honey Street, Burnham (ages 37 and 39), and John was a mariner.


          i.    George J. (or L.) Clarke5, b. abt 1874, Burnham (age 6, 1881; age 17, 1891); a mariner in 1891

          ii.    Ernest S. Clarke, b. abt 1876, Burnham; scholar, 1881; bricklayer laborer 1891

         iii.    Harriett S. Clarke, b. abt 1880, Burnham

         iv.    William R. Clarke, b. abt 1881, Burnham

         v.    Frank R. Clarke, b. abt 1885, Burnham

        vi.    Elizabeth F. Clarke, b. abt 1889, Burnham

       vii.    [son] Clarke, b. Mar 1891, Burnham

29. Emily Jane4 Blunden (James3, Richard2, Thomas1) was born in October-December 1866 in Burnham, Essex [age 4, 1871]. She married Albert Benjamin Pudney between October and December 1889 in Maldon District, Essex. He was born about 1865 in Burnham. In 1881, Emily was a dressmaker, living at home. In 1891, Albert and Emily lived in Burnham and Emily was described as a dressmaker. In 1901, they lived on Lilian Road in Burnham. Albert was called a gardener in 1891 and a market gardener in 1901.


          i.    Emily R./Eva5 Pudney, b. abt 1890, Burnham, Essex [1891, Emily R., age 14 mos; 1901, Eva, age 11]

         ii.    Bertha Pudney, b. abt 1895, Burnham, Essex [age 6, 1901]

         iii.    Sidney Pudney, b. abt 1899, Burnham, Essex [age 3, 1901]

30. Joseph5 Blunden (Joseph Henry4, Charles3, Adam Robjent2, Thomas1) was born on 30 August 1879 at 226 Waterloo Road, St. George Southwark, Surrey. He married, first, Harriet Sylvia Welch on 30 April 1901 in Northampton. She was born on 10 September 1880 at Pattishall, Northamptonshire and probably died in July-September 1910. Joseph married, second, Eliza Gammage on 18 March 1911 in Northampton [Mavis Ricketts]. Joseph lived with his sister Amelia and her husband, Thomas Chick, in 1901.


          i.    Joseph William Henry6 Blunden, b. 30 Sep 1902, Northampton; m1 Dorothy Lodge; m2 Yvette Therese Schwarz

          ii.    Amelia Harriet Blunden, b. 1904; m. Frederick Haines

         iii.    Charles Edward Blunden, b. 20 Jul 1905, Northampton; m. Christine Faith Dodd

         iv.    Florence (Nellie) Blunden, b. abt 1907, Northampton; d. Jan-Mar 1910?

         v.    George Thomas Blunden, b. 1909, Northampton; d. Apr-Jun 1909?

         vi.    Joseph A. Blunden, b. 1910, Northampton; d. Oct-Dec 1910?

31. William James 5 Blunden (John4, James3, Richard2, Thomas1) was born in April-June 1875 at Burnham, Essex [Free BMD, Maldon Dist.]  He married Edith Turpin, age 19, on 16 September 1894 at the Independent (Congregationalist) Chapel at Southminster, Essex [Gerry Turpin, citing m. rec.]. She was born on 18 February 1877 at Steeple, Essex, a daughter of James Turpin [Gerry Turpin].

William was a mariner in 1891 and a dredger at the time of his marriage. He was absent from home in 1901. William may have been the Billy Blunden who was an amateur footballer, playing for the "Burnham Ramblers" [Gerry Turpin].


          i.    Phyllis Edith6 Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1894, Burnham, Essex [age 6, 1901]

         ii.    Charles Henry Blunden, b. Oct-Dec 1896, Burnham, Essex [age 4, 1901]

        iii.    Grace Ellen Blunden, b. Jan-Mar 1901, Burnham, Essex [age 3 mos, 1901]



Samuel Blunden, bu 16 Oct 1796  Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex [BPR II:159]
[tentatively placed as son of Thomas & Susannah]

James Blunden, m. Rebecca Mixter, 25 Jun 1813, at Southminster
 a labourer in 1814


1. James   b. 11 May 1814, bp  5 Jun 1814  Southminster, Essex

Mary Blunden, a spinster at birth of her daughter:

Eliza Wiggins Blunden, b. 9 Sep 1819; bp 10 Oct 1819  Southminster, Essex

Mary Blunden, m. Salter Clarke, 1 Apr 1820, Southminster

George Blunden, bu 21 Oct 1821, Burnham, age 3 weeks [BPR IX:190]

Richard Blunden, bu 13 Mch 1823, Burnham, age 5 months [BPR IX:191]

Mary Ann Blunden, m. Isaac Balls, 18 Oct 1824, Burnham-on-Crouch [BPR VIII:66]

Mary Blunden, m. Barnard Lee, widower, 6 Apr 1833, Burnham [BPR VIII:71] (per Malcolm Lee e-mail 13 Dec 2004, they settled at Burnham-on-Crouch and 1881 census indicates that Mary was born in London in 1814)

Emma Elizabeth Blunden, bu 13 Jan 1871, Burnham, age 7 [BPR X:244]

Green Lane, Burnham, in 1881      Ship Lane, Burnham, in 1891
Michael Blunden, age 84, b. Burnham, late an oyster dredger Coroline Blunden, head, wid, 75, b. Burnham
Caroline Blunden, wife,  65 b. Maldon Essex William Blunden, gson, single, 21, b. Maldon, Dridgerman (Fisher)
William Barker, grandson,  11 b. Burnham, scholar

Caroline was probably the Caroline Blunden, age 87, who d. Jan-Mar 1904, Maldon District

New Town, Burnham, in 1881      Burnham, Essex, in 1891
George Blunden, age 26, b. Burnham, dredger (dock) George Blunden, age 36, b. Burnham, Dredgerman (Fisher)
Ruth Blunden, wife, age 24, b. Burnham Ruth Blunden, wife, 33, b. Burnham
Alice Blunden, dau, age 3, b. Burnham Eliza Blunden, dau, 10, scholar, b. Burnham
Eliza Blunden, dau, age 6 mos, b. Burnham Ruth Blunden, dau, 8, scholar, b. Burnham
Thomas Blunden, son, 6, scholar, b. Burnham
George Blunden, son, 1, b. Burnham

Note: in 1891, Alice Blunden, age 13, was a general servant at the Anchor Inn in Burnham, Harrison Smith, proprietor

Burnham, Essex, in 1901
George Blunden, age 46, b. Burnham; Oyster Dredger
Ruth Blunden, wife, 43, b. Burnham
Thomas Blunden, son, 16, Oyster Dredger
George Blunden, son, 11, b. Burnham
William Blunden, son, 9, b. Burnham
Harry Blunden, son, 6, b. Burnham
Bertie Blunden, son, 3, b. Burnham
Arthur Blunden, son, 1, b. Burnham
Rose Blunden, dau, 1 mo, b. Burnham
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